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Commercial Photography: A partnership

Front exterior image of El Cajon retail location. The project was to showcase their stores, post remodeling.

Several years ago, early on in my photography business, I received the opportunity to work with Dixieline in photographing some of their higher end, or more unique, projects. Dixieline is a lumber and home center, with a chain of stores predominantly in the San Diego County area. Originally, I was capturing door and window installations, which grew into working with their kitchen and bath designers, and have done several other projects including photographing the stores, distribution centers and employees themselves.

I have always considered myself lucky to be working with a relatively large company in my commercial photography journey, but somewhere along the way I realized my relationship with Dixieline is more than client-vendor; it's a partnership. We all work, or are in business, to make money to some degree, but understanding that relationships are what makes that possible is key. Ours is a mutually beneficial business arrangement. My work has helped both the company and their sales professionals reach a goal. And they have helped me, of course financially, but also that relationship has aided in my professional growth. When you're a photographer you have to realize the importance of the business side, or you'll only be picking up a camera as an expensive hobby.

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