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Prep for photography checklist.... 


Just a few things you can do to prepare a home for photos. This will help ensure the home is shown in its most appealing form. Please have these items complete prior to the shoot appointment. 




Open all blinds and/or curtains, to optimize natural light.  (Please pull window blinds all the way to the top of the window.) It's also a good idea to replace bad light bulbs. 





Clear all clutter from countertops, tables, nightstands, dressers, furniture and floor.  (This includes phones, jewelery, children's or pet's toys, pet food/water bowls, cleaning supplies, electronics remotes, electronics chargers, visible cords, etc.) The fewer unnecessary items in the photos, the better. Less is more! 




Place toilet seats/lids down and remove bath rugs.  Clean mirrors and shower doors. Remove all items (soaps, razors, wash cloths, etc.) from shower/bath tubs. Minimize items on counters. 




Make beds and put away excess clothing. Minimize items on dressers and night stands. 




Ensure yard and exterior of house are free of debris, tools, hoses, pet waste, toys, trash cans, etc. Clean windows if excessively dirty. Dirt and water spots may show up in photos. And, if feasible, have the landscaping freshly trimmed.



Best of luck with the sale or rental of your listing! 

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